Cheap Child Care WoreeAre you looking for a cheap child care in Woree? Well, here is what you need to consider.
The current harsh economic environment may force parents to resume work when their kid is still young. This can be challenging, especially if both parents have 9-5 jobs. Fortunately, with the help of child care centres in Woree°, you can rest easy knowing that your child is well-taken care off, at anytime, during the day or night!


Benefits of Cheap Child Care  Woree

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider enrolling your kids to cheap child care Woree.

– Intellectual Stimulation

The variety of games and activities on offer at child care facilities help in boosting cognitive development among children. Moreover, they can also spark your kid’s creative side and teach them how to solve problems. For instance, activities such as sing-a-longs and storytelling sessions improve their memory and learn to identify words.

– Improves Social Skills

Socialising plays an essential role in a child’s development. It is through interaction with peers and other adults that they can learn how society works. Moreover, they will pick up skills such as communication, sharing, empathy, and tolerance.

– Builds Confidence

As a child interacts with other children and participates in various activities, they will pick up different skills, improve on speech and body coordination. As a result, they will gain confidence in their abilities to handle life challenges.


Where can you find cheap child care  Woree?

Cairns South Early Learning Centre is a family-focused child care institution. It’s a warm and nurturing environment has been designed to help children develop their strengths. Our curriculum is child-centered and ensures that children acquire skills that will help them throughout their lives.


So why should you choose us?

– Our institution is designed to mimic a home setting.

To ensure that children are happy and comfortable enough to express themselves, our day care centre is designed to resemble a home setup. Your kid will not find it hard to settle, interact, or play freely with other children. We also allow kids to come with their favourite toys or gadgets. This makes playtime more familiar and enjoyable.

Moreover, our educators are qualified and loving professionals. Their warm approach helps them form close ties with children.

– A fun environment for the Kids

Our centre has a play area where children can interact in a natural environment and engage in different activities. The play area has:

– Sun safe water park

– Sandpits

– Climbing fort

– Plank walkways

– Bridges

– Mature trees and sails for shade

-A fruit and vegetable garden

– Bike tracks


Get in touch with us

Choosing a cheap child care Woree is not as easy as most people think. Essentially, an ideal institution should be able to accommodate your child’s needs, offer preschool learning curriculum and a homely environment.

Fortunately, at Cairns South Early Learning Centre, we understand what your child needs. We have invested heavily to ensure that all kids have a perfect environment that resembles a home setting. If you are looking for a cheap child care Woree, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be glad to help you

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