If you are looking for child care Portsmith, then look no further because we have already found the best child care for you. The correct child care can make a huge difference in your child’s development so you must choose the right place for your child in order for them to get the most out of their learning and have their needs met.

Who to Choose for Child Care Portsmith?

When you are thinking about what your child needs to help them in their learning and mental and social development, you might think that it is impossible to find a place that meets your expectations. Well, good news, it is not. At Cairns South Early Learning Centre, we have a vast range of services and activities to ensure all the children’s needs are met and go above and beyond even what you may be expecting.

These services and stimulating activities are available for children aged between 0-5 and include the following;

1) Outdoor Play Area
Your child can experience and learn about the great outdoors at the centre while still having fun. Outside there are sandpits, bike tracks, climbing areas, trees with shade sails, decking, stepping stones, fruit and vegetable allotments, and a waterpark that is sun-safe, amongst many other things.

2) Indoor Play Area
For those times indoors, your child will not be learning any less or having any less fun. Activities inside include storytime, crafts, toys, games to help with creativity and memory, and heaps more. Your child will always be learning without even realising it, which is still the most effective way of learning.

3) Highly Qualified and Experienced Staff

The fantastic team of staff is there not only for the children but for the parents too. They are there to be a support system for the whole family and are always on hand to ensure that your child is receiving the best care and education and that the parents are up to date of the children’s progress, goals, and everything in between.

4) Onsite Chef

A qualified chef is always onsite to provide all the children food that is healthy, balanced and to a high standard. Regardless of the child’s age or dietary needs, the chef will cook something delicious, nutritious and appropriate.

5) Nappy Service

Accidents happen, but neither the children nor the parents ever have to worry as a nappy service is included, and all accidents are handled with no fuss.

The Absolute Best Child Care Portsmith

Everyone wants to feel like their child is being cared for as much as they care, and everyone likes to know that their child is reaching their potential, and our child care combines both these aspects and provides a safe, caring, and educational environment for all the children.

The care and learning of the children is the complete focus from the start till finish, and you can be assured that your child will be in the perfect place for their learning, development, and care. Contact us now for the best Child Care Portsmith!

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