Outstanding After School Care in Packers CampAre you looking for the best after school care Packers Camp has to offer? If yes, look no further than Cairns South Early Learning Centre. This is a child care centre that has been operating with excellence in the region. This kind of care is important for the whole family. Children are able to get some extra time for play and learning while parents are able to work conveniently within their schedules. Choosing after school care is therefore important and the centre you choose matters. There are many reasons why Cairns South Early Learning Centre is a great place as detailed below;


After school care Packers Camp with excellent facilities

Every child values tailored facilities for learning and play. At Cairns South Early Learning Centre, there are spacious classrooms and all manner of recreational facilities. After school, children can engage in age-appropriate activities as desired. The program is created with the needs of the children in mind. The outside play areas are always inviting, and they include plank walkways, bridges, sandpits, climbing fort, bike tracks, timber decks, sandstone steppers, gardens with fruits and vegetables, shady trees and sails, and a sun safe water park. All these facilities will make your child’s stay all the more enjoyable.


After school care Packers Camp program that is approved

The school runs a kindergarten program that is approved by the Queensland government. To this end, you do not have to worry about low standards of learning. The learning framework followed is in line with all the statutory guidelines. Therefore, the after-school care is of high quality. Also, your child is kept safe in a conducive environment. The centre accommodates most ages starting from 6 weeks to 5 years. Therefore, most families will find this place highly suitable in Packers Camp. For every age, there are tailored learning tools and play programs. The educators and caregivers are at the forefront of providing suitable child care services after school.


Excellent caregivers and educators

Once you enrol your child here, you will leave them in the able hands of caregivers and educators. These trained professionals are highly passionate about their work. They acknowledge that every child is unique and, in this respect,, individual and personalised care is required. Many parents who use the after-school care program say that the staff members are amazing and go beyond expectations. Indeed, the school prides in having a workforce that really delivers on their mandate. Therefore, in Packers Camp, you do not have to compromise on after-school care; get the very best.


Great nutrition policy

For every child to thrive holistically, nutrition is at the core of their well-being. This centre has made sure that all the food consumed is nutritionally sound and suitable for every child. If your child has allergy needs, this is taken care of as well. Children are treated to the right healthy snacks and meals throughout the day and even for the after-school care. Therefore, if you have been searching for the perfect place, the search is over. This after school care Packers Camp centre will not disappoint.

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