Are you looking for the perfect Packers Camp kids early learning centre for your family? Making the decision can be tough as it affects you and your children and therefore there are many factors for you to consider. We have created this article to help you with making the final choice in regard to Packers Camp kids early learning centre!

Packers Camp Kids Early Learning Centre: Things to Consider

Things to consider when choosing a child care centre:

  • The type of service you require: Are you looking for formal or informal childcare options such as a nanny or daycarecentre?
  • How many hours of childcare do you need? Are you wanting a few hours each day, a couple of full days per week, a flexible schedule?
  • Location: It is a major factor to consider, do you need someone to come to your home? Do you drive? Do you need to commute after?
  • The Legal stuff: Choosing a registered childcare facility will give you the peace of mind that your child is in safe hands and that the centre is audited by the government.
  • Reviews: Ask friends, colleagues, and family for recommendations and also check online for reviews on google, reputation is important!

Compiling a list that includes things like these as well as points that are important to you, and your child will help you in your selection process. After all, it is much better for you to choose the option that fits with your family as a whole.

Kids Early Learning

What do we mean by Kids Early Learning? Well, childcare is supposed to be a safe, fun, friendly and enjoyable place for your child to grow and develop in their early years. Therefore it is important to consider the curriculum and learning style that will be used. Atthe Packers Camp kids early learning centre, Cairns South, learning and development is key. Here is how they make it a priority:


  • All kids learn at different paces and therefore specialist curriculums have been developed to help children with all levels of learning, from pushing the high achievers to guiding students who may be struggling.
  • Programs developed to enhance and push social skills and cognitive development. Encouraging children to interact with others is a key role in the learning method.
  • A blended learning approach that infuses aspects of play, listening, speaking, reading and writing to give your children the opportunity to grow, push and develop in fun and engaging activities.
  • Qualified personnel, all staff in Packers Camp kids early learning centre are qualified educators and caregivers which means your child will receive only the best.
  • Government Approved curriculum, an important factor that shouldn’t be overlooked is the learning and development that is provided is approved and monitored by the educational governing body.


Packers Camp Kids Early Learning

At the Packers Camp kids early learning centre, Cairns South here are some of the benefits you can enjoy:

  • Open Mon – Fri 6.30-18.30
  • Catering provided (Healthy Nutritious Meals)
  • Full Nappy Service
  • indoor and outdoor play facilities
  • Fully qualified Staff
  • Government-approved curriculum
  • A centre motto of “focusing on offering a safe, friendly, nurturing and most of all a secure environment for all children”

Contact us today for more information on how we can be the best fit for your family.


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