What is the cost of day care in CairnsWhat is the cost of day care in Cairns? There is no single answer to this question. There are things that influence the cost of day-care and knowing these elements will shed more light on the cost. First, you have to understand the various kinds of day care or child care options in Cairns. According to the Queensland Government website, there are six types of day care services available. There is long day care, family day care, nannies and babysitters, kindergarten, casual/occasional care, and before and after school care. As you can see, all these services have individual features that contribute to the cost.


What is the cost of day care in Cairns? Consider the type of day care service

Early childhood centres that are approved provide an array of day care services. Children from 0 to 5 years can find the right place in these centres. Many parents will choose these day care centres because they are formal and more structured. They also have flexible hours to suit the needs of families. Therefore, choosing the type of service will affect the cost as hinted to above. Instead of choosing the cheapest day care service, consider what the centres have to offer first. Cairns South Early Learning Centre, for example, provides the most conducive learning and playing environment for children of all ages.


What is the cost of day care in Cairns? Look at the actual services offered

As you know, all day care centres are not created equal. This means that some will offer so much more. A good example is Cairns South Early Learning Centre. To begin with, they have invested in play facilities for all age groups. The centre has a water park, bike tracks, timber decks, bridges, sandpits; to mention but a few. This centre also has fully equipped classrooms with modern learning equipment. In addition, they offer a full diaper service for all children who need it. Those with special dietary needs are also catered for. The centre also has an in-house chef who prepares high-quality meals. This centre offers so much more to give parents value for their buck.


The expertise of staff members available

Kindergarten programs in approved centres should be delivered by a teacher who has a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field. In this respect, a professional day care centre may not cost the same compared to a centre without qualified teachers. Most parents agree that high-quality learning and daycare services are best delivered by qualified members of staff. This is one factor that will determine the cost of day care. Another thing that should not be overlooked is the overall early education cost of the specific state. Some states are more expensive than others.


Other considerations

There are secondary factors that will dictate the cost of day care in this area. For example, will you drive your child to the care centre every single day? How far is it? In addition to fuel costs, your time may be consumed in the process and this may affect your hip pocket. Some people may opt for public transport when necessary to cut the overall cost. As you can see, this topic is intricate, and many aspects go into determining the cost of daycare. Look at various options and make a few inquiries regarding actual cost. When you find out what is the cost of day care in Cairns, you will plan better.

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