Our Team

Our team of professionals are enthusiastic and caring

We pride ourselves on employing our teachers and educators not only for their qualifications, but for their professional, positive, enthusiastic and caring attitudes with children.  All our staff have a current first aid certificate, current CPR plus current asthma and anaphylaxis training. Each staff member must hold a current suitability card (blue card).

We are focused on offering a friendly, safe, nurturing and secure environment for children.

We believe a strong connection between families, children and educators, comes from employing dedicated, qualified staff, who are committed to embracing children’s learning on a daily basis, as well as actively seeking valuable information from families and the wider community. All of our educators are qualified and are Certificate III, Diploma or Bachelor trained.

We provide regular in-service training and professional development opportunities for our talented team. We believe that ongoing training and professional development of our team enables us to consistently offer exceptional care and early learning educational programs.

Kelly Stork

Hello and welcome to Cairns South Early Learning Centre. My name is Kelly Stork and I am the Director of our wonderful service. I have been in the industry since 1998, initially working in my home country of England as a nanny. I have worked here at Cairns South Early Learning since the beginning of 2010, primarily working in the nursery and toddler rooms, before taking on the position of Director at the beginning of 2013.

We endeavour to create a home away from home, with focus on strong relationships with children and families, as well as a large focus on the education of your children. We aim to create challenging and stimulating environments for your children to grow and develop, with beautiful natural surroundings. I look forward to meeting you and your beautiful children.


Hello, I’m Alison, the Educational Leader for Cairns South Early Learning. I have worked in the Early Childhood sector for almost 30 years and I hold a Diploma of Children’s Services. In my role as Educational Leader I strive to ensure that your children are provided with a curriculum that will engage and excite them while they learn. I am married and have three beautiful, loud and spirited kids of my own. I am always up for a chat and you can find me in the reef side front office or floating around the service.


Hi, my name is Severine but most people call me “Sev”. I am the Kindergarten teacher at Cairns South Early learning. I am married and have two children. I have been working in the education industry since 2003 and have completed a Diploma in Early childhood Education. I am currently pursuing my desire to teach by studying a Bachelor degree in Early childhood. Through the many years of educating, I have worked in all age groups but my finer skills are exclusive to pre-school age children.

As an educator, I take pleasure in all learning opportunities that are relevant to children’s interest in order to stimulate the way they learn. I also embrace inputs from families to generate richer ideas in my day to day planning.


Hi, my name is Shantelle and I been in the Early Childhood sector since 2010. I have worked at Cairns South Early Learning Centre since August 2016, as the Lead Educator of the toddlers room.

I love working with children and thoroughly enjoy watching them grow, achieve their goals and reach their milestones. Seeing the look of enjoyment on your children’s faces whilst they explore their surrounding environment is something that brings a great deal of personal fulfillment to me each day.


Hi my name is Siulolovao and I am the Lead Educator in the Beetles room. I hold my Certificate III in Children’s Services and am studying my Diploma in Children’s Services.

I have 7 children of my own and am very passionate about children and providing quality care and a nurturing environment.

Pa Kou Thao

Hello my name is Pa Kou Thao and I am the lead educator in the Rainbow Fish (nursery) room. I have worked at Cairns South Early Learning Centre since 2012 and am currently the lead educator in the Rainbow Fish Nursery. I thoroughly enjoy working with this age group and watching them hit their many milestones.

My partner has always lived in Cairns and I have been living in Cairns since November 2011. I don’t have any children of my own yet but I am very passionate about children and looking forward to having my own. My partner and I are from big families so there are always a lot of children around. My main goal is to provide a warm and nurturing environment for families in order to provide high quality care, with the intention of providing a home away from home environment.

Eva Lowis

Hi my name is Eva Lowis, I am originally from Peru, speak fluent Spanish and some French; I hold a Bachelor of Education, studied at San Martin de Porres University Lima-Peru. I worked as Preschool teacher for three years before I migrated to Australia in 1992.I married and had a family of 2 children and obtained the approval of my qualifications in Sydney and Melbourne, on which I worked several years as a child care educator.

When I moved to QLD the law in Education had changed and I had to study again, I did the Certificate III in children’s services at the TAFE to obtain the approval in QLD. I love making children happy and I feel they are drawn to my personality; I have worked in this industry for more than 20 yrs and still feel passionate about my profession. My current position is the Lead educator in the Octopus room.

Millie Natera

Hi, my name is Millie Natera and I am your friendly Snakes Lead Educator. I began my journey in this industry in 2007 and have never looked back since. My passion for teaching and caring for your little ones motivates me to continue on this path. I absolutely enjoy working with children, and I feel that this is where I belong – in the world of little people’s lives. It gives me great pleasure to see children come out of their shells, and explore their environment with increasing self-confidence and a sense of belonging to our humble community.

I believe that a child’s strength flourishes when he or she is comfortable with his/her surroundings and with trusted friendly educators. For that reason, trust, respect, warmth and friendly relationships are what I offer and provide for all children. I originated from the Philippines and I have 3 beautiful girls. I enjoy cooking traditional Filipino sweets, surfing the internet and watching movies.


Hello my name is Estelle, I started here at Cairns south Early Learning in 2012 as the relief group leader in the Ants room (Jnr Kindy Room) and am now the lead educator in the Hermit Crabs 3-4 year room.
I have been working in the child care industry since 2004, and in this time I have worked with all age groups from 6 weeks to 5 years. I have enjoyed my learning journey whilst working alongside a great deal of wonderful educators whom have taught and guided me throughout the years.
I have held my certificate III in child care for the past 10 years and am currently studying to do my Diploma in Children’s Services.
Outside of work I am a busy mum of 3 beautiful children Declan, Savannah and Lachlan.
I look forward to working with you and caring for your children whist within my care, I cherish each special little moment and bonding time with all the children I care for.


Hello, my name is Melissa, I have worked in the Early Childhood industry since 2003 as an early childhood educator.I have completed my certificate III in Children’s Services and my Diploma of Education and Care.

I believe that as an Early Childhood Educator, I am reponsible for providing children with positive learning experiences, and it is my goal to provide children with a rich learning environment, where they feel safe to explore, initiate learning and feel free to express themselves.

I look forward to forming close relationships with each child and their families.


Hi I’m June. I’m from Japan. I have been employed at Cairns South Early Learning Centre since November 2008. I worked in Nursery room for 6 years before moving to the Turtles Toddler room. I completed my Diploma in Children’s Services in December 2013. I thoroughly enjoy working with children, watching them prosper and grow, whilst providing rich experiences through engaging activities for them to interact in.


Hi there, my name is Tara and I am the second in charge at Cairns South Early Learning Centre. I have been a part of this amazing team since 2009, and progressed from an assisting educator, to lead educator, before stepping up into the management team. I hold my Diploma in Children’s Services.

I am passionate about sustainable practices, so therefore oversea the sustainability within our service, guiding and supporting our children and Educators wherever possible.

I am a mother to 2 beautiful children. I love working with children in all of our age groups from babies to Kindy, and enjoy watching them grow into beautiful, confident individuals.

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