Our Team

Our team of professionals are enthusiastic and caring
We pride ourselves on employing our teachers and educators not only for their qualifications, but for their professional, positive, enthusiastic and caring attitudes with children.  All our staff have a current first aid certificate, current CPR plus current asthma and anaphylaxis training. Each staff member must hold a current suitability card (blue card).

We are focused on offering a friendly, safe, nurturing and secure environment for children.

We believe a strong connection between families, children and educators, comes from employing dedicated, qualified staff, who are committed to embracing children’s learning on a daily basis, as well as actively seeking valuable information from families and the wider community. All of our educators are qualified and are Certificate III, Diploma or Bachelor trained.

We provide regular in-service training and professional development opportunities for our talented team. We believe that ongoing training and professional development of our team enables us to consistently offer exceptional care and early learning educational programs.

Kelly Stork

Alison Longue – Director

Hello and Welcome to Cairns South Early Learning.

I am Alison, I have the pleasure of being the Service Director here at Cairns South. I have dedicated more than half my life to providing a safe and happy environment for children to learn and grow. Most recently here at Cairns South where I have been since 2015.

Being told at a young age that I would not be able to conceive a child of my own, I got busy being the best educator I could be. If I couldn’t be a mummy, then I was going to get as close as I could. Over the years I have worked as a nanny, long day care, family day care, occasional care, playgroups and creche as well as teacher’s aide in primary schools. I love working with little humans.

As luck would have it, the doctors were wrong and my husband and I managed to welcome three of our own little humans into the world. My two boys have grown into awesome and thoroughly obnoxious teenagers and our Princess is full of sass and is a student in our OSHC Program. All three of my kids are frequent visitors to the service. They can be seen taking great delight in embarrassing their mother in her workplace or spending time imparting their infinite wisdom on the kids.

At Cairns South we encourage family involvement as I strongly believe that this creates an environment that fosters a sense of belonging for our children, our staff and our community. Being a busy mum of three (one with special needs) with full time work commitments, I have often found it difficult to find care that suited our family’s needs. You can trust me when I say that I understand the pressure of modern families. I aim to make a home away from home experience for your child based around your situation. FIFO, Defence, single and foster parents, we cater for them all.

And now, please allow me to introduce my amazing team.


Alison Smith – 2IC and Admin Extraordinaire

Presenting our 2IC and Admin Extraordinaire, Mrs Alison Smith.

Have a question about your account? Need to change a day of care? Then this spunky lady is your man!!!!

Alison is diploma qualified and has been in the industry for too many years to mention. She used to run our Turtles toddler room many moons ago and has since worked her way up to our Management Team.

Alison is a grandmother to a gorgeous little lady at the service and she has a natural rapport with young children which is a delight to see each day. It is not unusual to see children stopping to chat with Alison on their way in or out of the service. For some it has become a very important part of their day.

There is absolutely nothing this lady doesn’t know about Cairns South. I challenge you to drop by the office and test her skills.


Mrs Taylor Pritchard – 2IC and Educational Leader

A long serving member of the Cairns South team is the charming and stylish Mrs Taylor Pritchard our 2IC and Educational Leader.

The National Quality Standards and Early Years Learning Framework underpins Taylor’s role within the service. Her attention to detail offers our staff the guidance and advice they need to deliver a strong curriculum and a well-presented environment for your children to learn and grow in.

Taylor is a diploma qualified mother of two gorgeous kids. With her eldest in our OSHC Program and her sweet baby girl at the service, Taylor understands the demands of being a working mum. This is why she spends her days working to ensure that all the children at Cairns South are receiving the best education and care on the South side of Cairns.

As the corner stone of our Management Team, Taylor is always on hand to support our staff and families in any aspect of care and education at Cairns South.


Stephanie Booy – Nursery Lead Educator

Our Frogs Nursery Lead Educator is the gorgeous Miss Stephanie Booy.

Don’t let the young facade fool you, Miss Steph is a very capable educator and a wonderful asset to our Nursery and our service. Steph is Diploma qualified and has a talent for settling our babies into care and routine. But, it is her sweet manner that our tiniest people really delight in. Everyone wants to be with Steph.

An aunt to a couple of rambunctious boys, one of whom attends our Service. Steph is a respected and talented member of our team.


Emma Gook – Nursery Lead Educator

With few words but, a whole lot of sass our Beetles Nursery Lead Educator is the tenacious Miss Emma Gook.

Underneath her composed exterior lies a fearless and highly skilled educator with a heart of gold. Emma is the person you need by your side in a crisis, she is cool as a cucumber and our babies, and staff, adore her.


Miss Shantelle Snell – Lead Educator

A jack of all trades, our talented Lead Educator in our Snails Toddler Room is the charming Miss Shantelle Snell.

Having worked in a few different age groups across the service, Shantelle has found her niche with the Toddler age group. A love of arts and crafts means our toddlers have a fantastic time creating masterpieces to show off to their families. Shantelle is a first time mum to a handsome young fellow who attends our service. She brings all her new mum experience and understanding to her room and our service.

Pa Kou Thao

Miss Millie Natera – Lead Educator

If you are looking for that X-Factor, you can’t go past the incomparable Miss Millie Natera, Lead Educator of our Ants Junior Kindy Room.

Millie hails from the Philippines and is brimming with culture. She brings with her a tenderness that is unmatched at our service. She has a knack for helping our more sensitive souls settle in each day at day care. Millie is another of our more long-standing staff and will be seeing in her tenth year at Cairns South this year.

Eva Lowis

Miss Estelle Ashford – Lead Educator

The Lead Educator in our Turtles Toddler Room is our very own, true blue local, the vivacious Miss Estelle Ashford.

Hold on to your tiaras and hard hats everyone. Miss Estelle’s room offers a magical wonderland where each child gets to imagine what it would be like to be Owlette, Rubble, a fairy princess or even a policeman. Estelle’s room has it all and a bag of chips.

Estelle has three beautiful kids, two at school and one here at the service with us. She is a respected member of our team and is well known throughout the community as a knock around, family girl.


Mrs Michelle Sallur – Lead Educator

A connoisseur of the weird and wonderful is our Starfish Senior Kindy Lead Educator, the investigative Mrs Michelle Sallur.

Our Senior Kindy room is a place of sensation and exploration under the tutelage of Miss Michelle. The children’s inquisitive nature is supported and nurtured, offering them a strong learning environment and preparing them for their next step, Kindergarten.

Michelle has worked in childcare for more years than she will allow me to say and brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding about how children learn and grow.